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Integrity Garage Door Repair is an independently owned garage door repair company that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door. The company has been serving the residents of Newport News, VA for many years. Integrity Garage Door Repair is well-known for its top-notch customer service.

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Safely Diagnose and Repair Broken Garage Door Springs

As a garage door company serving homeowners in Newport News, we understand how critical it is to have your springs functioning properly. These hard-working components are behind every lift and lower of your heavy garage door. It’s inevitable that springs will eventually show signs of wear after thousands of open/close cycles over the years. So if your door begins acting up, it’s important to get springs inspected right away. Here are some tips to help you safely diagnose and repair any broken springs.

Broken Garage Door Springs

First signs of a problem

Among the first signs that a spring may be broken or stretched past its lifespan include: a door that won’t open or close smoothly; a door that won’t stay in the open/closed position; a door that feels unbalanced or lopsided when moving; or snapping/cracking noises coming from the springs themselves. If you notice any issue with how your door operates, it’s a good idea to contact Integrity Garage Door Repair for a free safety inspection.

Precautionary measures

Garage door springs under high tension can cause serious injury if they were to suddenly fail. For your safety, do NOT attempt to inspect or repair springs yourself. Leave any work to professionals. Before our technicians arrive, double check that there are no tools or other objects left near the door that could be dislodged by moving it. Lock the door in the up position with prop rods or locks to avoid potential disengagement during work.

Professional inspection and diagnosis

Using advanced tools, our highly trained technicians can properly diagnose any issues with your springs without removing safety locks or braces. We’ll check each spring winding for alignment and tension as well as evaluate cables, pulleys, bearings and other vital components. An inspection helps us accurately determine the root cause of problems and create a tailored repair plan.

Spring replacement process

For broken springs identified during inspection, we follow strict safety protocols to remove the old units and install appropriate new replacement springs. First, locks and braces are used to secure the door completely while removing old springs under no tension. New springs are then carefully wound and assembled using regulated tools. This helps prevent possible injury from a slip or sudden movement.

Reinforcing and tuning

We take time to ensure springs are balanced, reinforced properly and working smoothly together as a system. Torque measurements verify correct winding tensions. Then the entire door function is tested and adjusted as needed. Our work is thorough to avoid future problems.

Preventing spring failure

To make springs last as long as possible, we offer safety tune-ups and maintenance plans to catch small issues before they escalate. Proper lubrication improves door balance and reduces wear on connected parts over time. Reputable installation and occasional inspections go a long way in preventing premature spring breakdown.

Call the Newport News Garage Door Repair Experts

For honest advice on whether your springs simply need adjustment or full replacement, count on our team at Integrity Garage Door Repair. We offer affordable repair packages as well as convenient appointment scheduling 7 days a week. We’ll take great care of your door so you feel secure in your home once again. 


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