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Garage Door Opener Not Working? Try These Easy Fixes First

As the go-to garage door company in Newport News, we know how frustrating it can be when your opener suddenly stops working. Pulling into the driveway only to find the door won’t open is never a good feeling. Luckily, many common issues are easily fixed without a service call. Give these simple solutions a try before contacting Integrity Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Opener Fixed

Check the Power Source

Start with the simple things – is the opener plugged in securely to a working wall outlet? Is the circuit breaker tripped inside your home? Make sure any light switches or other items on the same circuit are turned on fully. For battery-powered openers, check batteries aren’t dead or installed incorrectly.

Test the Photo Eyes

These safety sensors stop and reverse door travel if their invisible light beam is broken. Ensure the lenses are clean and unobstructed. Check for dirt, stickers or other items in the beam’s path that could prevent it from aligning properly. Wipe lenses gently with a dry soft cloth if needed.

Check the Door Tracks and Rollers

Rollers that are binding or tracks with built-up grime cause excessive friction that stops smooth travel. Clean any debris from tracks with a heavy duty degreaser. Inspect rollers for wear and replace as needed. Well-lubricated components go a long way.

Reset the Opener Electronics

Most have a “learn” button or switch to reset limits and motor force levels. Follow manual instructions to perform a reset after ensuring proper set up. This can resolve glitches in the opener’s programming or memory without replacing parts.

Test the Manual Disconnect Cord

A pull cord allows manually operating the door if power is lost. Make sure it isn’t caught on anything that prevents disconnection when the door is operated. Check the cord is secured firmly in place.

Replace Weak Batteries

Even if batteries are not the primary power source, low or dead backup batteries can sometimes affect opener performance. Swap them for a fresh set and cycle the door a few times to test operation.

When to Call a Pro

If issues persist after trying these basic solutions, it’s wise to contact an expert. Common signs that professional diagnosis and repair may be needed include strange noises; doors that won’t fully open or close; broken cables or springs; or remote control or safety reversing issues. Trust Integrity Garage Door Repair to quickly assess your specific problem and fix your opener with quick turnaround.

As the garage door technicians serving Newport News area homeowners, we can check all system components for wear. Our certified technicians are fully insured and background checked. We aim to provide honest solutions, fair pricing and rapid response to any garage door or opener emergency. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at your convenience if self-troubleshooting doesn’t solve the issue.


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