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Are Automatic Garage Door Openers Really Worth It?

As a full-service garage door company based in Newport News, we’re often asked by homeowners whether an automatic opener is a worthwhile investment. With an upfront expense and additional maintenance down the road, it’s a valid question. But in our view, the conveniences far outweigh any costs. An automatic system truly makes operating your garage safer and smarter in both Chesapeake and beyond.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Ease and Convenience

Manually lifting even a lightweight garage door dozens of times per week adds up over time. An automatic garage door opener eliminates this physical exertion with the push of a button. No more struggling with hands full of groceries or bags. Remote controls let you open from inside your car as you pull up to park. Simply press and enter or exit hands-free.

Safety First

An automatic system prevents fingerprints on doors from curious kids or nosey neighbors. More importantly, it eliminates the threat of closing manually on someone in its path. Sensors detect obstructions and stop or reverse the door movement to avoid injury. Newer openers even have rolling code technology making them harder for thieves to hack into.

Increased Security

Why bother locking your garage if anyone can access it by reaching inside and lifting manually? An automatic door with lock functions lets you truly secure the entire space much like a traditional door would. Wireless keypads add another layer of access control without needing physical keys.

Value Over Time

Though purchasing an opener represents several hundred dollars, factor in the convenience, safety, and security value gained daily for many years. Properly maintained units last well over a decade and the initial cost is negligible in the long run considering benefits. Mobility features also add worth if physical ability declines.

Our professional installation team can evaluate your needs and door to recommend the ideal system. As a full-service provider, we stand behind our workmanship as well. So in summary – the convenience and security of automation absolutely adds value far exceeding its cost over the lifetime ownership of your home.


Modern automatic openers are designed not to put undue stress on garage doors when used properly. However, some risk exists if the door/opener is not balanced correctly or maintenance is neglected. Signs of potential damage include snapped cables, bent tracks, or a door that doesn’t latch fully. We recommend annual professional tune-ups to catch small issues before they cause harm. Proper installation and upkeep helps ensure an automatic system enhances rather than hinders a door’s longevity.

If an existing opener is 10+ years old, replacing it may indeed be worthwhile. Newer models integrate enhanced safety and security features like battery backup, sensor sensitivity adjustments, and wireless controls. They tend to use less energy and run more quietly too. However, functioning old openers can still be used safely if maintained properly. Consult a pro to evaluate wear and whether performance gains justify the cost versus any repairs. Upgrading prior to breakdowns allows choosing new options and ensures continued trouble-free operation.